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New Technology of Flexible Steel Fiber Recycled for the Construction Industry

New technologic fiber products to build more sustainable and efficient structures and infrastructure; reinforcing concrete fibers are a necessity in the competitive global construction markets. 

The increasing demand for synthetic concrete fiber across various end-use industries, such as transportation infrastructure, building and construction, mining and tunneling, is driving the global market. Here, you are in front of the only metal fiber that can compete with the synthetic concrete fiber that has the largest market share due to its advantages and low prices

Product formats
 18 Kg Box

Format for fiber dosages per m3 of concrete.

Content, 18Kg of metallic fiber

Dim: 40cm x 40cm x 25cm

Available for MICRO and MACRO fibers depending on the type of use

No more mesh KIT

KIT for dosing 50Kg of cement or two bags

Content: 2Kg steel fiber + 300ml superplasticizer additive


Everything you need to replace the mesh and accelerate the execution of work!


ASTM-C1399 Compliance


Flexible high strength steel fiber of 30 mm of average length and a diameter of 0.25 mm with high tensile strength. Its Aspect Ratio is 120 points, which offers a great embedment in the concrete. Lower dosage than regular steel rigid fibers and lower cost per cubic meter of concrete

  • Structural collaboration
  • Mesh alternative
  • Shrinkage control
  • Better impact resistance
  • 100% recycled product

Impact resistence

Flexo - tracction

Shear stresses

Cracking control


ASTM-C1581 Compliance

Flexible high strength steel fiber of 10 mm of average length and a diameter of 0.25 mm. Due to its very low weight and its great number of units per kg  they invade and protect the core of the concrete. It is a great complement and / or substitute for micro synthetic fibers with the great advantages of the steel

  • ​Shrinkage control
  • Better impact resistance
  • 100% recycled product

Cracking control

Impact resistence




FLEXOfibers ™, is a group of steel fibers resulted from recovering the metal from the recycling out of used tires in circular economy process, whose main feature is its high resistance to traction, its flexibility and the high amount of fibers per Kg. The small diameter of the fibers (250 microns – 0.25 mm) allows to obtain higher resistances with lower dosage (Kg fiber / m3 concrete)

FLEXOfibers ™ can be used both for:​​

   1.- Improving resistance to impact, abrasion and breakage at the latest stages of concrete setting (hardening) as most MACRO fibers do.

​   2.- Prevent micro-breaks and plastic shrinkage at the early stages of concrete setting, as most Synthetic MICRO fibers do



Motivating the circular economy!





Low traffic pavement


Shrinkage control in structures

Reduce micro cracking

Lower waiting time

Concrete base

Concrete Slaps


Lower waiting time








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